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Happy ending massage experience

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Happy ending massage experience

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Until I experienced it for myself. I was at a regular spa. Not a special parlor, but your garden-variety spa known amongst all the new and popular chain spas that have popped up all over the good happy USA, offering monthly spa memberships. At the time, I was also going through a bad breakup. My ex and I finally ended our long-term relationship; in the last few years of our relationship, the sex was non-existent.

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Whether by experience or coercion, did he think it was his job to offer? This was a practised move, clearly something he did often, and did well. We met in a public space near his apartment.

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As with my first customer, I gave each of the men what they asked for. I wasn't expecting that. Desperate for a bit of cash, I went through the job religiously and one day, found something that looked extremely promising. I was more than a little confused. He kept his hands to himself and kept quiet throughout the minute or so it took me to get him to orgasm. I waited a year to return to that spa and made sure to never request him again, despite the Naked girls in 48026.

Had he taken advantage of me? At one point during the massage, as I was face up, my towel slipped revealing my right breast. › Health › Lifestyle. I didn't think too much about it, honestly. Consumed experienec doubts There are a lot of male sex workers in Cuba, so I had to wonder if he was one. That could be very awkward. But I figured there was no way such a service existed. For example, when he started to massage the backs of my thighs, he got particularly far into my buttocks and vaginal area.

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Now I am totally in the moment when he touches me. He made friendly conversation as we walked back to his doorman building and into his studio apartment which had dim lights, New Age music, and oil diffusers.

That female guilt, something a man would fnding feel, started to hit me. Is this going to change everything? I assume he was enjoying himself.

Before setting up the massage, they called their partners

With this being my first experience, I. The Cut spoke with three of his regular female clients about the experience of getting a happy ending. You ed up for a normal massage, right? The context was just way off.

I got a happy ending massage (and loved it)

Besides, what if this was something he did with many women? But you knew what he was asking. So, when I heard about the hotel spa services while on holiday in Cuba I booked my appointment without any expectations. I get easily attached to people and I have Need some head soon accept that this is not going to be a relationship. I have been with a few escorts but nothing crazy, Masage figured I might maesage well try the whole massage-happy ending thing anyways.

I'd done a massage course - how hard could it be? I was already getting turned on, so by the time he flipped me over to work my front, I was curious: how far would it go this time? › AMA › comments › first_massage_parlorhappy_ending. M an and a picture of myself about two months ago. M, I was sleeping with a colleague who was so bad.

"my happy ending massage was great at first"

He turned, allowing me to dress, as if it had just been an ordinary massage. Yet, this man was easily fifteen years older than I was and not even close to my physical type.

He asked my name, and told me to come again the next day. The guy was wearing a wedding band!

Everything went just as it should throughout my first massage. I was paid massgae a quarter of what the massage parlour paid me, but I was much more comfortable there. He did my face, then my shoulders and arms, and then my legs. Except this time, when I entered the room there was a familiarity and playfulness.

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When he was done, he wiped himself dry on a towel and dressed quickly. He was as respectful and polite as a man can be in those circumstances.

As I thanked him for the massage, he handed me his card for a private at-home massage service. But did it turn all porno? We made a date and I took a cab to his apartment. As we got into the massage I noticed him getting particularly close to sensitive areas. I think his hand was right on my pantyline when he asked me.

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I told my best friends in confidence, but was embarrassed. They were all respectful and polite, and each kept his hands to himself.

Just another client. You just breathe through the massage and that's it. And I wasn't moaning or anything. Briefly, I began to grow nervous about someone walking in we were in a tent, after all.

He smiled warmly at me and enfing me, before heading back to reception to pay. The client was a middle-aged man who was okay-looking, clean and polite.

Then he had me flip over. So I went back three weeks later: It kept getting better and better.