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Sleeping mom sex story

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Sleeping mom sex story

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She was young when she had us boys,So she was still pretty young herself. Around 32 I think at this time. She had a really nice ass and sweet tits.

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I was doing my thing with my dick and mom pussy I have sextra Baltimore of all etory sudden she receive a notification on her phone and I stopped immediately, but my dick was still on her pussy. Since then I had been lusting to my mom. I began thinking not only about fucking her, but what got me overly excited was the thought of shooting my load inside her. She has firm big slefping and round shaped ass.

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Mom stoory wearing sexier outfits. As I was mesmerized with the sight I immediately pushed the dress all the way up and threw it away. When I was about Find Hitchcock cum I stopped and put my hand on her thong in the pussy area and oh my God It was soaking wet. Afraid of getting my mom pregnant I pulled my dick out and cummed all over her face.

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She lifts her head up check the phone and go back to sleep with my dick between her legs. Even with my zex weight on top of her, she arched her back lifting me up and screamed out mkm pleasure. This time I use my hand to press my dick against her clit and than i use my hand to put my head inside her pussy. We layed there for a little while,she was moveing around trying to get comfortable I thought and then I felt her hand slideing over my way. She accepted it without any doubt.

As soon as I opened my eyes, she reached down and felt my cock. In the next night after playing with her ass I pressed my dick against her ass. But I made a point to fell a sleep in her bed a lot from then on. Slowly I slid the head inside and paused. By this time I was eighteen. August 23, Hi guys my name is Rajesh. It felt great,I storj really starting to enjoy my first handjob from someone else.

I confirmed by shaking her body few times. So I sleep with her, no mon from me, hehehe! After 10 minutes when I pulled my dick out and cum on her ass seeping wipe it off with my t-shirt. I mixed some sleeping pills in the coke bottle and offered it to her meanwhile she was watching movie. She held it as I pissed and I Cruising sex apalachin her hand. Because we have just 2 rooms I sleep with my mother in a big bed, and my sister in the other room because she is a little bit crazy and we can sleepinv her sleep with mom.

She left the room and came back wearing skimpy panties and a tiny little top.

I can hear her snoring so loudly. So in a middle of the night I woke up and my mom was withe her Housewives wants sex Longport towards me. After reaching home I bringed her to her stiry. Only for you sleeping mom sex stories hd porn tube. After 5 minutes I successfully moved her shorts to her knees. I found out about this one night as I was going to the guest bedroom, which took me right past.

So after couple of nights of fun and getting familiar with the feeling I gained some more stamina and decided to undress my mother in her "sleep". This was by far the skimpiest thing to date. And that guy was quite muscular, and she told me muscular guys have small penises Not true,I go to the gym 3 times a week, lol.

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Then I felt my cock let go and I shoot my load again,This time it felt like it was not going to end. Mom and Dad were having some sort of problem. It felt so nice and smooth. She stood next to the bed and I could see the big wet spot that I had made in her panties. It had spaghetti straps and covered only her tits. She poked at it with her finger a few times then I said I was going to piss. I went on to touch her body starting with her hip.

She lifted the covers up pretty high when she got in,so I know she got a good look at my hardon. I made it to the door then stopped.

Sleeping mom

At this point she was wearing a night dress. I didn't have a good scoop position so i lowered my self and that was the right spot, hell yeaaah. She was drawing blood and it just felt amazing instead of painful. Dad divorced mom like 10 years ago.

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Following with her right tit I was playing xtory her tits about 5 minutes. She sprung up out of bed and quickly crawled over to my side. Porks sleeping mommy covert camera.

I said,sorry and got up to go clean myself off. It was loose fitting and very thin. Licking the head as she moved to the tip. I use to pretend I was a ,om when she would get home from there with my eyes closed and I`d peek out and watch her get.

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I went and sit on her breast then placed my 7 inch cock on her lips. Than I put my head in and out. So I left it there for a minute or 2. I slide my finger in alittle farther and I heard let out a little moan. Without hesitating I placed my lips over hers. Her ass felt amazing. I started to pull her thong down aswell and grinding on her naked pussy.