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Thicc iq

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Thicc iq

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Because of her high mobility you should always be looking for flanks to help open angles in a firefight.

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However, due to her low 1 armor status, IQ is also very squishy.

Additionally, as IQ you should be to rotate around the map to pressure the enemy team from different angles and support your own team when needed. Screenshots of posts, comments or messages from any subreddit, in-game screenshots or taken pictures of anything IRL are not allowed in any way. Another tool IQ has in her arsenal is her frag grenades.

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Because Pulse and Valkyrie both used electronic based gadgets IQ can see and track them with her electronic sensor. Always remember that you are a 3-speed operator. Doing so can help your team get some easy picks and eliminate roamers. Only post memes!

Iq got you cover

No self-promotion. You can often get VAC worthy wall bangs onto your opponents because you scanned with your detector.

Don't ask for upvotes. You can still be aggressive while playing tactically in conjunction with your team.

We are a subreddit for memes and shitposts, but we still ask for a certain quality of the posts. Playing aggressive does not necessarily mean rushing objective. Your meme should not contain any watermarks except your own or the one of this subreddit. The use of Lord Tachanka in any unironic scenario is a bannable offense.

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Posted: Apr 29, votes, 26 comments. Use your mobility to your advantage to run for cover and get out of sticky situations.

Finally, Although IQ is very powerful when used in conjunction fhicc other players, this does not mean that you should only play passively. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

While IQ can be used to rush and take objectives, she can also be played more slowly and carefully in tandem with another operator. No reposting of memes from this subreddit.

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Mark Not-Safe-For-Work-content as such. Read the rules before posting.

k members in the shittyrainbow6 community. Because of her high mobility you should always be looking for flanks to help open angles in a firefight. Aug 9, - This Pin was discovered by Kat Kim. Read the rules before.

Id software

IQ iqq often chosen to counter enemy defensive operators. Do not harass or bully other users. IQ can also see other operators when they access the cameras. Whether you use them to take out turtled defenders or to open walls and hatches, IQ's frags are a must have tool to use.


Some operators IQ counters include Pulse and Valkyrie. Introduced in Operation Velvet Shell, IQ's frags bring a plethora of new opportunities to the battlefield.

Always be sure to use your 3 speed to the greatest potential, whether to rush, flank or support teammates. The subreddit for all memes about Rainbow Six Siege. No matter if in submissions or in comments.

When playing IQ to counter specific operators, it is important to be vocal and give callouts to your team.